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Interview with GiveIndia founder Venkat Krishnan

25 April 2017
Caroline Hartnell

Analysis 11 April 2017 For Subscribers

Are giving games a better way to teach philanthropy?

Analysis 4 April 2017

Alliance Breakfast Club – Philanthropy scholarship and practice: bridging the divide

Analysis 23 March 2017

Alliance Audio – foundation payouts

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India Philanthropy Report sees rise of individual giving

28 April 2017
Alliance magazine

The India Philanthropy Report 2017, the Individual Philanthropist’s Path to Full Potential, published by Dasra and Bain & Company, looks at the growing importance of the individual philanthropist in the overall landscape …

Building Bridges of Compassion from Burundi to Dallas

28 April 2017
Michael Painter

Gaping divisions have opened in unlikely, once unthinkable places: in our families, communities, and countries and across the world. It would be understandable if you at first thought that upsetting …

EDGE Funders conference: An unexpected journey

28 April 2017
Amanda Gigler

A group of 15 funders are gathered in a small bar in the Raval neighbourhood in Barcelona’s city centre. ‘What is your commitment to our movement? How will you contribute …

Philanthropy scholarship and practice – bridging the divide

Special feature Marta Rey- Garcia 7 March 2017

Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975) Bridgekeeper: STOP! What…is your name? Arthur: It is Arthur, King of the Britons! Bridgekeeper: What… is your quest? Arthur: To seek the Holy …

WINGSForum 2017

Analysis Alliance magazine 28 February 2017

Alliance is proud to have been part of the media coverage for this year’s annual WINGS Conference in Mexico City, on 22-24 February 2017. We provided coverage of the event from: Jens Böhme, Head of …

Alliance Breakfast Club – #ShiftThePower: The rise of community philanthropy

Analysis Alliance magazine 14 February 2017

This month’s Alliance breakfast club, kindly hosted by Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), brought together community philanthropy professionals, academics, and members of NGOs, to discuss the growing form of community philanthropy, and the …