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17 July 2018
Alliance magazine

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Interview: Naina Batra, Chief Executive of the Asian Venture Philanthropy Network

Analysis 3 July 2018

Fake news and philanthropy

Analysis 26 June 2018 For Subscribers

LGBTI philanthropy: still less than a cent in the donor dollar

Conference Report 19 June 2018 For Subscribers

The 2018 AVPN Conference, Singapore, 4-7 June 2018

Latest issue: June 2018

Philanthropy's developers

Guest Editors: Maria Chertok

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Forum Annual Conference 2018: What is philanthropy bringing to the table?

18 July 2018
Sarah Brown-Campello

What are you doing to lift up social justice issues in your work? Who best to hear about addressing root problems than from the communities themselves and incorporating their voices …

Forum Annual Conference 2018: The savior complex in a complex society

18 July 2018
Nikki Powell

When I hear a keynote speaker quote Marcus Aurelius, I kind of roll my eyes a little. But when they quote my favorite poet, Mary Oliver, I sit up and …

The Future of Philanthropy part one: Power, Knowledge and Trust

18 July 2018
James Alexander

No one can predict the future, but we can all become better informed about it. Doing so enables us to make more informed decisions and place better innovation bets. To …

Alliance Breakfast Club: #LiftUpPhilanthropy

Analysis Amy McGoldrick 12 June 2018

Alliance magazine travelled outside of London in late May to host a quarterly Breakfast Club in partnership with WINGS at the EFC Conference in Brussels, Belgium. The mission was to …

Time for philanthropy infrastructure to step out of the shadows

Special feature 1 Maria Chertok 29 May 2018

Philanthropy is going through big changes. Its support infrastructure must assert itself now As philanthropy grows in importance and extends into new areas of the globe, it is crucial to …

Benjamin Bellegy: Heads together to #LiftUpPhilanthropy

Special feature Benjamin Bellegy 29 May 2018

There are many good reasons to invest in infrastructure and all of them point to the need for concerted thought and action It is not that common to debate the …