Henrik Lehmann Andersen
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Interview with Henrik Lehmann Andersen

20 September 2016
Charles Keidan

Graça Machel leading a panel discussion on the economic impact of the Ebola epidemic on business in Africa and business’s response to the outbreak.
Special feature 6 September 2016

A new era for African philanthropy

Polish rally against letting in refugees.
Opinion 6 September 2016 For Subscribers

Hostile takeover of civil society pays dividends for new Polish government

Lead photo: Running a seminar for Chinese philanthropists in RPA’s NYC office (along with three RPA board members).
Interview 6 September 2016 For Subscribers

The expanding world of philanthropy advisory: interview with Melissa Berman

Coutts Bank, the Strand.
Analysis 6 September 2016 For Subscribers

Philanthropy’s bankers: why do banks offer advice on philanthropy?

Latest issue: September 2016

Does philanthropy have too much influence?

Guest Editors: Alliance magazine

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Reflections on the philanthropic sector – an intern’s story

25 September 2016
Alex Talbott

I have to admit I didn’t quite know what I was letting myself in for when I accepted  an internship at the European Foundation Centre in Brussels. Heading to work …

Call for session proposals for the 2017 EFC Conference

24 September 2016
Alliance magazine

The 2017 Programme Committee is seeking session proposals to fill 10 slots in the EFC Conference Programme. The conference is titled ‘Courage to re-embrace solidarity in Europe. Can philanthropy take …

Alliance breakfast club – How much influence does philanthropy have?

23 September 2016
Sam Desborough

The September 2016 Alliance breakfast club, kindly hosted by Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) focused on the influence of philanthropy, and what limits, if any, should be imposed. The discussion was …

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What influence does philanthropy exert?

Special feature Alliance magazine 6 September 2016

There are increasing signs of philanthropy influencing policy and policy networks but, as yet, no overarching theory of how it does so. Philanthropic traditions vary, as do the political, social …

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Introduction to the Special feature

Special feature Charles Keidan 6 September 2016

How assertive should private philanthropy be, or be allowed to be, in its efforts to influence public life? Philanthropy’s relative freedom gives it a unique vantage point to address social …

First issue of Allavida.

20 years of Alliance: an insiders’ story

Analysis Andrew Milner 23 August 2016

It’s twenty years since the first issue of Alliance. Much has happened in the meantime, both to the magazine and the world it reports on and tries to represent. This …