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The best idea is found in these rooms

22 September 2017
Anja Böllhoff

The best idea is in these rooms! A conference that only has one goal – exchanging as much knowledge as possible – is only as good as the ideas that are shared. Its success is measured by the participants’ willingness to pick up these ideas and pass them on. Therefore it comes as no surprise that the workshop on ‘Understanding the needs of local communities’ was completely booked and more participants than expected followed the …


Funders can unlock good charity governance

21 September 2017
Sonali Patel

Charity governance is often talked about in the news, but not in the way most charities would like. In light of the recent operational and financial scandals which have inundated the sector, charity governance has gained a bad reputation which has led to increased public criticism as well as declining public trust of the charity sector. Boards play a crucial role in helping a charity achieve its mission and deliver the greatest impact possible. In …

Conference reports

Community philanthropy: true to life?

20 September 2017
Carola Carazzone

Community Foundations are local – local people, local assets, local donors, local agencies, local capacities, local trust. They can easily …

Conference reports

Trust. Impact. Passion

19 September 2017
Sandra King

Trust. Impact. Passion. Three words ringing in my ears as I leave Cardiff following the inaugural European Community Foundation Initiative …

Conference reports

Where is the new beginning?

18 September 2017
Kaja Petryka

I have such reflections after taking part in the European Conference of Community Foundations in Cardiff, which was organized in …